About Us

Schaefer Machine Co. was founded in 1945 in Bridgeport CT, USA, by Mr. Charles Schaefer. The original products were gluing machines for leather goods and shoe manufacturing. As the company grew, the product line was expanded to include machines for label cementing, bookbinding, large label gluing, and label mounting. A line of wax coaters was developed about 1960 for the application of adhesive wax to typesetting paper (for use in page paste-up by newspapers and printers). By the mid-eighties, sales of these machines and specialty waxes for them had grown to become a major part of the product line.

In 1967, the company moved to Clinton, CT, and added both warehouse and production space.

In 1986, the company was purchased by Robert Gammons, the current president. His background in engineering design brought better capability to develop and produce new products to the company.

In 1994 the company moved to a new 10,000 S.F. plant in Deep River, CT.

During the nineties the product line of the company underwent a major transition. The wax coaters and wax which made up approx 80% of sales in the late eighties were gradually obsoleted by computerized page making systems. At the same time most of the leather goods and shoe industries moved offshore, and many operations done by machines were replaced by hand application of glues.

As these events occurred, Schaefer Machine Co. introduced machines for the application of hotmelt adhesives, and also for the application of adhesives to the top surface of parts (which allowed production lines to be automated). The company also began to customize their designs to suit specialized customer applications.

During recent years these new machines have become an important portion of the company sales, and have enabled the company to add the automotive industry and air filter industry to the customer base.

The company recently adapted the design of the topside coater for the application of ultraviolet – cured adhesives, and has started to sell versions of this machine for the application of protective topcoatings on digitally printed materials. This is a potential direction for growth.

The company is known for the high quality and durability of their products, as well as ease of cleanup.

Products are distributed in the US both directly and through a dealer network, and internationally through distributors in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and several other smaller countries.

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