Cementing Machine

Solvent Cementing Machines are a specialized type of adhesive application equipment designed for roll coating application of solvent based adhesive. The machine is able to apply heavy bodied solvent cement and rubber cement that will not run properly in most types of coating machines. the machine is also designed to minimize cleanup time. Schaefer solvent cementers are equipped with several special features specifically designed for solvent cement application; The motor and control switch are explosion proof, the machine has internal pump to keep the adhesive circulating, and the machine is shrouded to minimize the surface area available for solvent evaporation, extending adhesive life.

For cleanup, the entire coating unit is removed from the machine and soaked in solvent, and the tank is covered with a tight – fitting lid.


The Solvent cementing machines are available in three sizes: 8″, 15″ and 22″, and in several different feedroller configurations. The 8″ machine is available with open-end feedrollers, either with dual feedrolls (SR2) for thin parts and flexible parts up to approximately 1/8″ thick, or with a single feedroller (SR-1) for thicker parts from 1/8″ thick to 4″ thick. All three sizes are available in the SRN model which has feedrolls supported on both ends. The SRN version is available with either single or dual feedrolls, and can be used to apply adhesive to parts from .015 thick to 4″ thick. The feedrollers can swing out of the way to allow coating of foam blocks or larger parts.These cementing machines are typically used for sandal, shoe and boot manufacturing, sporting goods, coating of rubberized fabric, clutch disc and brake pad manufacturing, bathroom scales and many other applications where a solvent base cement is required to obtain adequate bond strength.