Nip Rolls

What are Nip Rolls?

Nip rolls or pinch rolls are powered rolls that are used to press two or more sheets together to form a laminated product. The high pressure created at the nip point brings the sheets into intimate contact, and can squeeze out any bubbles or blisters that might cause a defective bond. Nip rolls can be used to laminate sheets using wet adhesives, film adhesive (such as PSA film) or parts covered with hot melt glues or contact cement. Nip roller units can also be used as pullers for material being pulled off of rolls or being fed between operations. Nip rolls are sometimes called laminating rolls, laminators, squeeze rolls, pinch rolls or even wringers.

Smoothing Press

This is a rotary lamination press used to squeeze an adhesive coated sheet onto a substrate.

Assembly Press Model ACP

This machine is designed for situations where higher pressures are needed to laminate parts.

Large Opening Rotary Press Model SPL

This style of nip roller is designed for lamination of thick parts such as foam sheets.