Nip roll machines with larger openings than 1 ½” are available in two models – the SP3, which can have up to a 3” opening between rolls, and the SPL, which is able to go to a 6” opening.

SPL – Large Opening Rotary Press:

This style nip roller is designed for lamination of thick parts such as foam sheets. It has capability to open up to 6” between rolls. It is used for foam packaging assembly, laminating PSA film to foam, foam lamination, and laminating thick parts such as corrugated built-up blocks.

SP3 – Smoothing Press with 3” Opening:

The SP3 has a floating upper pinch roll like the standard smoothing press. The upper roll is mounted to a set of extended arms which allow adjustment up to a 3” opening between rolls. It is used for foam lamination, bonding of PSA film, lamination of rigid boards, and corrugated build-ups. It can also be equipped with the air cylinder option (the ACP version), which can increase the squeeze pressure between rolls to as high as 600 lbs.

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Both rolls are driven at the same surface speed. Variable speed DC drive allows roller speeds from 0-60 ft per minute.
Lower roll is fixed. Pinch roll is adjustable to 6” opening.
Rollers are covered with non-tacky urethane rubber to 3 ¼” diameter. (larger rolls on 45-62” sizes)
Pinch roll supports are in guide tracks. Position of roller is adjustable by means of handwheel which turns
adjustment screws. Once adjusted, distance between rolls remain fixed.

Rolls stop if guard plate in front of upper pinch roller is depressed.
Available in roller widths of 18, 24, 32, 45, 50, and 62”. Custom widths available
Operates on 115 Volt power. (220/240 Volts available as an option).
Welded stands with locking casters also available.