Hotmelt roll coaters of the HM Series are used for the application of hotmelt adhesive to leather, plastics, paperboard, foam, and many other materials. This hotmelt gluing machine can apply almost any type of hotmelt adhesive – including pressure sensitive hotmelts and hotmelt adhesives with long open time.

The hotmelt roll coater applies a thin layer of hotmelt adhesive to the part as it passes over the coating roll. Coating thickness can be adjusted with a dial on the top of the machine. The coating roll applies a thin layer of hotmelt to the part, but the layer cools quickly, and the part can be handled immediately as it exits the gluing machine.

A powered feed roller presses the part against the coating roller to be sure that it receives a full coating of glue.
This machine has two electronic temperature controls. One is for the adhesive melt chamber, and the other for the coating roller tank. The dual controls allow precise control of adhesive temperature – within 1 degree F.

The Schaefer hotmelt roll coater has a cantilevered feed roller, so it can be used to apply adhesive coating to either a strip along one edge of a part or it can be used for adhesive application to the full surface of the part (up to the full width of the coating roller). An adjustable feed guide is mounted to the feed table to ensure consistent and accurate adhesive application when coating only a section of the part.

This machine is used for glue application in many different applications: shoe manufacturing, leather goods assembly, foam fabrication, packaging, product labeling, automotive interior parts and many other types of product gluing and assembly work.