RT hot melt roll coaters are adhesive application machines used to apply hot melt adhesive to sheets of material up to 38 inches wide. These hot melt roll coaters have a large adhesive reservoir and a powered feed roller system for coating thin parts and wide sheets. The feed roll can be released and pivoted out of the way to make the RT an open roller coating machine for hand-held parts.

The feedroll system on the Schaefer RT is adjustable to allow coating of parts as thin as .020, and as thick as 6″. The machine is equipped with variable speed drive, and also has a simple adjustment for coating thickness. Adhesive temperature is controlled by an electronic temperature control and solid state circuitry. Hotmelt adhesive can be added by simply raising the feedtable and loading fresh adhesive to the melt chamber. There is no need to stop operation while waiting for adhesive to melt. The RT can operate with almost any type of hotmelt adhesive having an application temperature below 400 F. It is mounted in a roll around base, so it can easily be relocated to a new work area.