Cold Glue Machines

Topside Coater

Topside Coater
Most gluing and coating machines apply adhesive to the bottom surface of parts, but the topside coating machine applies adhesive to the top surface.

Sheet Cementers

Sheet Cementers are adhesive roll coating machines that are used to apply a thin layer of adhesive to large labels or printed sheets for mounting to corrugated, chipboard, or foam core board.

Solvent Cementer

srn jpeg
Solvent cementing machines are a specialized type of equipment that is designed for the roll coating application of solvent based adhesive.

Edge Coaters

The EC model is an edge gluer, which is a gluing machine designed for adhesive application along the edge of a part up to the full width of the machine.

Label Cementer

Label Cementers are gluing machines used for gluing paper labels, and apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back surface of a paper label.

Smoothing Press

sp jpeg
Smoothing Press is a rotary lamination press (nip rolls) used to squeeze an adhesive coated sheet to a substrate.

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