HRC Hot Glue Coating Machine

The HRC hot glue coating machine is a table top hot melt coating machine designed for coating small parts with hot melt glue. It is available as a machine with an open coating roll, or with a dual adjustable feed roll system. The feed roll system is adjustable for coating parts from .010 thick to 3” thick. For coating glue onto thicker parts or the sides of parts, the feed roll system can be pivoted out of the way, and the coating roll exposed so that glue can be applied to hand-held parts.

Features on the HRC:

8” wide coating roll with knurled surface
Simple coating thickness adjustment without tools
Table top coater – operate from either side
Feed roll system adjustable for parts from .010” up to 3” thick
Variable speed drive allows adjustment to comfortable run rate
Digital temperature control ensures accuracy
Built in high temperature safety limit
Holds 7 lbs of hot melt adhesive – less frequent stopping and refilling
Easily refilled with glue by lifting feed table – accepts pellets or blocks of adhesive
Secondary tank pickup roll allows running even when adhesive level is low
Silicone covered feed rolls – easy to clean
Feed roll system swings back to allow coating of hand held parts, such as foam blocks


• Size: 16″ x 29″ x 10″
• 115V 30 Amps
• Motor – 1/4 HP
• Machine Weight: 125 lbs
• Ship Weight: 175 lbs


• Heavy Knurl Coating Roll
• Grooved Coating Roll
• 208/220 V Electrical
• Open Roll Machine
• Striped Coating Roll

The HRC also has a unique secondary glue pickup roll below the coating roll that allows the use of a deep glue tank – resulting in higher capacity and more running time before glue needs to be added. This machine is ideal for coating parts made of foam, chipboard, leather and many other materials with hot melt glue; Perfect for “cut and cap” work on air filters.

HRC Cross Section Through Tank