Edge Coating Machine (EC)

Edge Coating Machine (model EC): The EC model is an edge gluer, which is a gluing machine designed for adhesive application along the edge of a part. This type of gluing machine has open end (cantilevered) rolls that allow adhesive application to either the edge of a sheet or to the full surface (up to the width of the gluing machine).


The adhesive coating thickness is adjusted by means of a dial which controls the gap between the pickup roll that sits in the glue tank and the coating application roll. The standard machine can glue parts from paper thickness to 1/4” thick, but an optional model with floating feed roll can be used for adhesive application to parts up to 2” thick.

The position of the feedtable relative to the coating roll is adjustable so the machine can be set for gluing a narrow strip along the edge of a part or can be used for adhesive coating of the full surface. The edge coating machine can be built with a special roll for coating stripe patterns or for application of a stripe of adhesive a pre-set distance from the edge of the part.

The Edge Coating Machine can be used for the application of many types of adhesives – latex glue, dextrin glue, PVA and EVA resin cement, acrylic PSA adhesive, epoxy adhesive, ultraviolet cured adhesive, hot animal glue (heated glue tank), and many other types of coating and adhesive formulations. The machine is designed for easy cleanup, and has a removable glue tank and adhesive pickup roll. This design allows glue to be cleaned from the machine in less than ten minutes.

Edge Coating machines are very popular for the application of latex adhesive to leather goods such as wallets, handbags and belts, as well as to shoe and boot components. These machines are also used for gluing many other products where a band of adhesive is needed. Calendars, easel backs, sample books, specialty boxes, filters and toys are just a few of the other applications for these versatile coating machines.


• Stainless Steel Coating Roll
• Heated Tank (For Hot Animal Glue)
• DC Variable Speed Drive
• Welded Stand With Casters
• 208/220 Volt, 440 Volt 3 Phase
• 50 Hertz Electrical
• Single Feed Roll Adjustable up to 4″
• Teflon Coated Tank
• Stripped Coating Roll
• Special Width Coating Roll