Product Profiles

The following product profiles highlight key points about coating equipment made by Schaefer Machine Co., Inc.  For each machine, there is a description of application, typical customer, sizes, types of adhesive, sales features, and options.


Used to apply water based cements (glues) to paper labels for application to cartons,
corrugated, bottles, cans, drums and other types of packages.
• Small to medium volume packaging operations
• Wineries & breweries (both bottle & case labeling)
• Chemical packaging/repackers – labeling bottles, jugs, drums
• Specialty foods – labeling spices, relishes, jellies, etc.
• Janitorial & cleaning products – labeling bags & boxes of seed, feed
• Small products (all types) – decorative labels for cartons
• Product fulfillment houses
• Electrical Appliance manufacturers
• 9”, 12”, 15”
• Paper only (can handle card stock up to about .020 thickness)
• MSA version has adjustable feedroll to handle parts up to 3/16” thick
Only water base glues – good for dextrin (vegetable glue) and resin cement
(PVA) – not good for latex.
• Machine should be at least 1” wider than widest part being coated
• Easy to clean feature – entire coating head comes off machine for cleaning or overnight soaking which eliminates cleanup time
• MSA version available to coat thicker stock (cards, envelopes, etc.), has adjustable feedroll to 3/16” opening
• Air motor option is available on 9” 12” 15”
• 50 HZ 220V Motor is available on 9” 12” 15”
• Stainless parts allow use with any adhesive without corrosion problems
• Quick clean feature saves customer cleanup time and waste of adhesive
• Glue coating thickness easily adjustable
• Saves money over pressure sensitive labels
Two Advantages:
1) Cost of glued label is about ¼ - 1/3 the cost of pressure sensitive
2) Glued labels can be repositioned as they are applied – if a pressure sensitive
label lands crooked, it stays crooked.


Used to apply water based glue to sheet materials up to 48” wide. Primary use is for gluing large printed labels or lithographs for mounting to corrugated for attractive, colorful packaging. Also used for fabrication of point of purchase cards and stand-up displays (printed sheets glued to chipboard). Industrial uses include gluing of corrugated, foam, rubber, plastic, fabric sheet materials, and air filter frames.
• Specialty packaging suppliers and fabricators
• Printers doing secondary gluing and mounting
• Game board makers (glue both edging and playing surface)
• Bookbinders
• Industrial gluing – hatboxes, casket parts, insulation, etc.
• Air filter manufacturers
• 9", 12", 18", 24", 32", 38", 42", 50"
Paper to 4” thick foam -3 different feed configurations depending on thickness being
• Any water based adhesive including latex – material must be low enough viscosity to be poured.
• U.V. cure adhesives
• Stainless rollers allow use with almost any adhesive
• Knurled rollers available for heavy coatings
• Explosion proof motor available
• Quick cleanup – glue tank can be replaced with wash tank, and machine can be run with water for fast cleanup
• Variable speed motor optional
• Recirculation System option
• Stainless steel rolls – run any glue
• Fast cleanup
• Bearings located away from glue contamination to ensure long life/low maintenance


These are powered nip rolls and can be used in conjunction with the sheet cementer to press parts together when mounting printed sheets. Squeezes out bubbles and wrinkles to give a smooth finished part. ACP version has air cylinders on upper roll to create high squeeze pressures. Can be used to assemble glued parts or assembly of parts to PSA film. Can also be used as a puller for cutting presses or similar processes where pulling of a strip is needed.
• Anyone using a sheet gluer for mounting work. Small mounting work can be done by hand, but larger work requires      a smoothing press to get good quality and higher production rates.
• Sign shops
• Corrugated assembly and packaging assembly
• Foam fabricators
• Sandal makers
• Leather goods assembly lines
• 12”, 18”, 24”, 32”, 45”, 50”, 60”, 62”
• Roll opening adjustable for different stock thicknesses – overall capability 1 ½”
• Floating top roll allows lamination of corrugated without crushing flutes
• Urethane coated rollers are standard, stainless or other elastomeric coatings available.
• Equipped with variable speed DC drive
• Instant braking in case of emergency
• SPL version available for lamination of parts up to 6” thick
• ACP version can apply up to near 800 lbs. between rolls at 100 psi air pressure. Higher pressures are possible with      larger air cylinders
• Can be equipped with indicators to show roll opening as an option
• ACP version equipped with active input guard that stops motor and opens the rolls if guard plate is lifted.
• Floating top roll doesn’t crush corrugated
• Variable speed drive/instant braking
• ACP version can assemble PSA film to parts
• ACP version good for assembly of parts coated with latex, hotmelt, or solvent cements


Used to apply adhesive to the edge of part, but also for coating full surfaces.  Adjustable to coat from ¼” wide to full machine width by moving position of feed table relative to coating roll.
• Leather goods manufacturers – form finished edge by coating edge of part with latex, turning back on itself and stitching , also used      for coating parts with latex for bonding prior to stitching.
• Printers – gluing easel backs, calendars, low volume and specialty flap gluing (folders, etc.)
• Others – bookbinders, specialty box makers, foam fabricators, packaging fabricators, fabric belt making, sporting goods manufacturing
• 3”, 8”, 11”, 15”
Standard machine up to ¼” – floating feedroll option up to 4”
Any water based adhesive including latex (if pourable)
• Stainless steel rollers optional
• Heated version (140 degrees F) available for hot animal glue
• Floating feedroll version can be used for thick parts (sandal bottoms, shoe soles, wood parts, etc.)
• Very versatile machine – can be modified to do stripes, special patterns, and be fitted with customized feed wheels for unusual parts
• Proven design for all leather goods
• Can apply wide variety of adhesives and coatings
• Easy to clean


Used to apply solvent base cement to parts. Specially designed to handle solvent cements – equipped with explosion proof motor, recirculating pump, and shrouded to minimize evaporation of solvent. Coating unit comes off of machine for cleanup.
• Shoe manufacturers
• Sporting goods manufacturers
• Leather goods (especially heavy weights)
• Rubber goods assembly (also rubberized fabric)
• Industrial uses – coat clutch discs, brake pads, plastics, flexible magnets, metal nameplates
• SRN, 8”, 15”, 22”
• Coats from paper thickness to 4” thick – two feedroll versions available to coat different thickness ranges. SRN .010      – 3”.
• The SRN has dual feedrollers which are supported on both ends and are adjustable for parts from .010 to 3”           thickness. It is designed to coat the full width of the part.
• The SR has open end (cantilevered) feedrollers and can be used to coat part of a sheet of the full width (up to 8”)
• Coating head removable for easy cleanup
• Knurled rolls are standard – special rolls available as options
• One of the only machines available for solvent cements


This machine is designed to coat the top surface of a part as opposed to the other machines in the line, which coat the bottom surface. This allows the coating of parts fed to the machine by conveyers, and also allows the dry side of the part to be handled as it exits the machine. This simplifies the handling of parts, and also allows the gluing process to be automated. Top feed rate is approximately 100 FPM – (variable speed)
• 10”, 15”, 26”, 38” 43” 50” 54” and 62”
• Feedrolls adjustable for paper to parts up to 1” thick.
• Recirculating glue system with variable speed pump keeps adhesive fresh.
• Dial control coating thickness
• Doctor roll and feedrolls spring loaded to prevent damage in case of jams
• Air cylinders on feedrolls allow them to drop out of the way for cleanup.
• Stainless steel coating roll, doctor roll, stripper fingers, and collection tank
• Variable speed DC drive
• Quick cleanup – water is pumped from reservoir up to rolls and collected in separate reservoir.
• Parts handling is clean
• Easy to feed or take away from machine by conveyer
• Can be used to apply finish coatings
• Simple, fast cleanup
• Can apply a wide range of adhesives
• Oversize adhesive reservoir
• Explosion proof motor, switches and controls for use with solvent base cements
• Washdown pump with solvent capability
• Can be built for application of UV cure adhesives.
• Custom widths available
• Can be built with larger opening for thicker parts.
• Gasket manufactures, laminators of sheet goods, litho mounting and labeling, corrugated pallet manufacturers,       foam fabricators, sign manufacturers, diecutters, packaging houses (application of blister pack adhesive to card stock)
• Filter manufacturing


The VSF sheet feeder is an accessory device that can be used with either a Schaefer cementer of any other major brand (Potdevin, Gluefast) of gluing machine. The VSF-1 feeds paper sheets into the gluing station automatically, and eliminates the need for an operator to stand in front of the machine to load sheets. The machine holds approximately 300 sheets of paper, and can feed either on a signal from the operator, or on an automatic timed cycle. The machine picks up the sheets by means of suction cups, lifts them, then indexes forward and down to insert the sheet into the gluer.
• 24, 32, 40, 48, 60” widths
• Vacuum pickup helps to eliminate sheets sticking together
• Air blast separates sheets from stack as they lift
• Timed repeat interval can be set from 2 ½ seconds to 30 seconds
• PLC logic assures reliability of control
• Adjustable height cart and levelers within cart allow adjustment to fit any gluer
• Easily and quickly adjusted to fit different label sizes
• Adjusts from 1 ½ x 1 ½” label up to full size of machine
• Machine will reduce labor enough to pay for itself in 6 months or less
• Custom stand designs and sizes
• Stands to hold both VSF and gluer
• Footpedal activation
• Custom sizes
• Anyone mounting large labels
• Corrugated companies
• Picture mounters (high volume)
• Labeling lines in toy factories, consumer product boxing


This machine is used for coating of hotmelt adhesives on leather, fabric, sheet goods, foam, plastics, and many other parts. It is able to handle the majority of hotmelt adhesives (except PUR hotmelts), and can apply either pressure sensitive types (remain tacky after cooling) or types which are dry to the touch and are re-activated by heat. Parts can be handled immediately as they exit the machine, since the glue layer cools almost instantly after coating.
• 3” coating roll width
• 9” coating roll width
• 14” coating roll width
• Feedroll adjustable to allow coating of parts from .020 to 1” thick
• Adjustable speed drive (DC control)
• Adjustable temperature controls – one for melt pot, another for roller tank (up to 400ºF)
• Adjustable coating thickness
• Safety interlock stops rollers if feedroll is raised more than 1”
• Open end rolls – can be used to coat edges of parts or the full surface of parts up to the width of the roller.
• Standard machine is equipped with a light knurled coating roll, and silicone coated feedroll.
• Hot melts do not require drying time
• Machine is adjustable for wide range of products and adhesives.
• Coats either edges of sheets or full sheets.
• Smooth coating roll
• Heavy knurled coating roll
• Angled input table for thin parts
• Stripper fingers for thin, flexible parts
• Web guide arrangement for web coating
• Striped coating rolls
• Shoe, leather goods manufacturers, foam fabricators, many types of assembly operations involving foam, plastic   parts, chipboard and leather. Display makers, air filter manufacturers


The RT hotmelt roll coaters are used for coating larger sheets of material than the HM and HRA coaters. They are made in 3 widths – 13, 26, and 40”, and can be used to coat parts up to 6” thick. The feedrolls can be pivoted back to allow coating of large or very thick parts by passing them over the open roll. They are built with rolling bases so they can be moved around easily. They can be used to apply almost any type of hotmelt (except PUR hotmelts), and are rugged industrial machines.
• 13”, 26”, 40” widths
• Foam fabricators
• Packaging Fabricators
• Automotive interior assembly
• Air filter manufacturers
• Die cutting houses
• Approx. .030 to 6” thick (adjustable). Thicker parts can be hand held and coated on the open roller.
Can run almost any hotmelts with the exception of PUR reactive hotmelts. Temperature is adjustable up to 400ºF
• Supplied with fine knurl coating roll – heavier knurls available
• Feedroll is silicone coated and can be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal directions. This allows it to be located   directly over the coating roll for thick parts or slightly ahead of the coating roll for thinner parts
• Coating roll and doctor blade can be supplied with stripes
• Startup timer option is available
• Machine can be easily opened up in case thin parts are drawn down into machine and need to be fished out.
• Agitator roll insures constant movement of hotmelt and provides extra capacity by allowing a deep tank
• Machine supplied with ½” NPT ports in sides of tank for connection to premelt unit if desired.
• Over temperature circuit shuts off heat in case of failure in heating circuits
• Capable of coating large parts quickly
• Ideal machine for foam fabricators – versatile and easy to move
• Can keep running while adhesive in reservoir is melting
• High capacity tank


The HRC is a table top hotmelt coater designed for the coating of small parts and blocks of foam, corrugated or wood. It has an 8” wide coating roller and is available either with a pair of driven feedrollers (adjustable height), or as an open roller machine. It has digital temperature control (to 400 F), variable speed drive, and easily adjustable coating thickness, Feedrolls can swing back to allow coating of hand held parts.
• Foam Fabricators
• Small parts assembly with hotmelt
• Air filter manufacturers (cut and cap operations)
• Packaging fabricators
• 8” wide coating roll
• .010 to 3” thick with feedrolls, unlimited with feedrolls back or as an open roller machine.
Can run almost any hotmelt with the exception of PUR hotmelts. Temperature adjustable up to 400 º F
• DC Variable speed drive standard
• 115 or 208/230V versions available
• Silicone coated feedrolls
• Standard coating roll is medium knurl – other knurls or smooth rolls available
• Striped rolls and doctor blades available
• High capacity – holds 7 lb. of hotmelt due to design with adhesive pickup roll in deep tank.
• Over temperature shutoff and alarm built into controls
• High capacity tank allows longer running between stops to add adhesive
• Compact table top design allows operation from either side
• Versatile – can run wide range of thicknesses as well as blocks


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