Solvent Cement Coater (SRN-SRC)

Solvent cement coater machines are a specialized type of roll coating machine designed for roll coating application of solvent based adhesive. The machine is able to apply heavy bodied solvent cement and rubber cement that will not run properly in most types of coating machines. The machine is also designed to minimize cleanup time.

Schaefer solvent cement coaters are equipped with several special features specifically designed for solvent cement application; The motor and control switch are explosion proof, the machine has an internal pump to keep the adhesive circulating, and the machine is shrouded to minimize the surface area available for solvent evaporation, extending adhesive life.

For cleanup, the entire coating unit is removed from the machine and soaked in solvent, and the tank is covered with a tight – fitting lid.


This solvent cement coater machine is typically used for sandal, shoe and boot manufacturing, sporting goods, coating of rubberized fabric, clutch disc and brake pad manufacturing, and many other applications where a solvent base adhesive is required to obtain adequate bond strength.


A unique style of screw pump is built into the bottom of the adhesive tank. The pump keeps adhesive flowing from the bottom of the tank to the tray located under the coating roll. This constant flow keeps adhesive from skinning over, and keeps the level of adhesive touching the roll constant regardless of the overall level in the tank.

The motor and switch on this coater are designed for use in environments that contain fumes of flammable solvents and meet NEC Class II Div 1 Groups C+D requirements. This eliminates the potential hazard of fire or explosion due to a spark ignition of fumes during operation or cleanup.

For daily cleanup, the coating unit can be unlatched, removed from the machine and put into a soak tank of solvent. The adhesive tank is then covered with a tight fitting cover which prevents evaporation of the solvent in the adhesive. To resume operation the cover is removed and the coating unit re-inserted. For long term cleanup, all components in the tank can be removed without tools. The tank can also be removed from the machine and rinsed with solvent. Glue tank, coating roller and glue tray are stainless steel.

The coating unit, feedtable and upper portions of the adhesive tank are designed to shroud the coating roll and tank to minimize the area of adhesive exposed to the air. This slows the rate of evaporation of the solvents in the adhesive, prolonging adhesive life and decreasing the amount of solvent going into the air.

A dial on the side of the coating unit allows the operator to quickly adjust the adhesive coating thickness to the desired level. This results in consistent and repeatable glue application and minimizes setup time.


• Feed roll height adjustable for parts from .010 thick to 3” thick
• Feed roll system can swing back to make the SRN into an open roll machine. In this mode foam blocks or the
 sides of parts can be coated.
• Available with single or dual feed roll system. Single feed roll for rigid parts or parts thicker than 1/8”. Dual feed
 roll for thinner, more flexible parts.
• Tanks can be quickly changed to allow use of different adhesives on the same machine.
• Two versions available – The SRN version has support frames on both ends of the feed roll, and is available
in 8”, 15” and 22” widths. The SRC version has cantilevered feed rolls for coating only a portion of the part, and is available
 in an 8” and 15” widths.
• Custom sizes and roll stripe patterns available – consult factory.