Glue Recirculation

The adhesive recirculation system consists of an adhesive reservoir, variable speed pump, and appropriate fittings to connect the system to the glue tank of a rollcoater. The components are mounted on a plate to fit into the stand below a gluing machine.

The glue pump draws adhesive from the reservoir (normally a 7 gallon unit). A variable speed control is used to control the output of the pump, which is delivered to the glue tank on the machine. The glue flows out of the drain on the machine, and the level of adhesive in the tank is controlled by an adjustable gate fitted to the drain. From this point, the glue flows back down to the reservoir and is recirculated. Quick connects are used on connection to the tank, so if the tank is removed, the quick connects can be coupled together and the system is sealed. The unit operates on 110 Volts.

Installation of the system on an existing tank requires hat the drain fitting be installed in the bottom surface of the tank. The system can also be purchased with the fitting installed on a new tank. The price of the tank would be included in the price of the system.

The recirculation system can improve the use of a gluing machine in several ways:

    1. 1. Minimizes the effects of water evaporation – viscosity of adhesive remains more consistent.
      filler sAny foam on glue tends to stay in reservoir.
    2. 2. Allows use of heavy bodied adhesives that do not circulate well.
    3. 3. Allows refilling less often – adhesive can be poured into the reservoir while machine remains in production.
    4. 4. Eliminates stopping to refill tank in situations where adhesive usage is high (such as web coating lines)

For cleanup, the glue tank on the machine can be drained into the reservoir and the tank removed and rinsed. As an option, a ball valve can be added in the return line to the reservoir. This valve can be closed to keep glue in the tank and allow the tank to be covered. The line feeding the tank from the pump would be capped or set into a container of water to prevent glue drying inside the line.