Selecting a Roll Coater

Selecting the right Roll Coater for any particular application can be done by answering     four questions, then following the flow chart below:

1. What type of adhesive?
2. How wide is the widest part?
3. Coat top or bottom of part?
4. How thick are the parts?

The Flow Chart is then used as follows:

To find the right machine, first go to the block showing the type of adhesive, then follow   the arrows to show the machines that can be used to apply this adhesive.

Next, find the machine that can handle the widest part. The machine width should be a   least 2” wider than the widest part to allow for parts that are misaligned when loaded.

The next step is to determine if the part can be coated on the bottom surface or if it needs to be coated on the top. If parts are coated on the bottom surface, the coated side must be touched to handle the coated part. If coated on the top surface the part can be handled by the dry side or fed to a conveyer. On some types of parts this matters, on others it does not.

The question of whether the full surface of the part is coated or only a portion coated   needs to be answered at this point. This will narrow the machine choice.

Finally, the part thickness can be checked to verify that the machine selected can coat   the desired thickness range.


With these questions answered the best machine (or machines) for the application will have been identified. Once identified go to “Product Profiles” page.

If there are any questions on how the adhesive, the part and the machine will work together, sample parts and adhesive can be sent to Schaefer Machine Co. for testing to verify that the application will give the desired results. Schaefer can be contacted at 800-243-5143, 860-526-4000 or by e-mail: to arrange a test.